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The personal data captured by this form will be used primarily by other subscribers to contact you.

Additionally the data will be used by Obelio and the administrators of the associated LETS communities to unambiguously correlate your name with your person in order to avoid mixing up equally named persons and to provide a barrier against identity fraud.

The banking information can be used to collect subscriber fees, if you permit this. The birth date can be used for implementing LETS-based savings mechanisms for pension provisions.

The data that you provide here will be treated as confidential by Obelio and the associated LETS organisations. External persons and organisations cannot access the confidential data stored at Obelio.

Please read the following three documents before you proceed with applying for subscription:

Via the selection field "Visibility in Contact Data" you can control, which data is visible to other subscribers in advertisements and in the contact data list.

Input fields marked with "*" are mandatory. Please fill out the following form and click the "Submit" button.

Visibility in
Contact Data:
Your Input:Remarks:


Terms and conditions
of Obelio accepted:
invisible* Required for password
Market rules of
AcrossLETS accepted:
invisibleOpens additional
account in AcrossLETS
Agreed to the
processing of the
personal data by Obelio:
invisibleRequired for
Community you
would like to join:
visible *
Subgroup you
would like to join:
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Information About Personal Identity:

Last Name:visible *
Birth Name: if different
from last name
First Name:visible *
Middle Names:
Title:visible e.g. "Dr."
Gender:visible *
Date of Birth:invisible * Format:
Place of Birth:invisible *


Second address line: E.g. c/o Deaconry Neustadt
Street address: *
Postal code:visible *
City:visible *
District: replaces City ZIP
in advertisements
Country:visible *

Phone, fax:

Phone: * if available
Available by phone:like phone E.g.: Mo-Fr from 6:00pm
Phone (office):
Available (office):like phone
E.g.: Mo-Fr 8:00am-5:00pm

E-Mail, Bank connection:

E-Mail: * if available
E-mail 2:
Account number:
Bank name & location:like account
Bank ID code:like account
IBAN:like account
SWIFT-BIC:like account


Homepage (URL):
Preferred language:visible for correspondence
Knowledge of
additional languages:
Desired Password:invisible * At least 8 char.,
incl. capital & lowercase
& numbers or special char.

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